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Craft Vendors Application
April 17, 2010
(Application Deadline April 1, 2010)

BUSINESS NAME: __________________________________________________________________________

NAME: ____________________________________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________________

CITY: _______________________________ STATE: __________________________ ZIP: _______

PHONE: ____________________________________________ E-MAIL: ________________________________

All vendors must have a SC Retail License or Craftsman License No. __________________________________

Description of all items to be sold: _____________________________________________________________ _



Craft items MUST be hand made. Precious stones and Jewelry items maybe sold retail. No screen-printed items are permitted. You may NOT sell items not listed on your application. Spaces are not transferable. Incomplete applications will be returned.

FEE: $25.00 for each 10’ x10’ space. Number of spaces required ___________.
$40.00 for each 10’ x 20’ space. Number of spaces required ___________.

Please mail the following items to IRON CITY FESTIVAL (address below)

Mail the following items to the Blacksburg Business Association: Incomplete applications are returned!
• Application • Check (payable to the Blacksburg Business Association Inc.) • Photos of all items to be sold (up to three photos) and a photo of your booth • Self-addressed, stamped ($1.00) 6’ x 9’ envelope

Comments/ Requests: _________________________________________________________________________________________

I understand the IRON CITY FESTIVAL reserves the right to reject my application. I understand that I am
responsible for my booth and crafts I am selling. I hereby release all sponsors, promoters and officials of the
Town of Blacksburg and IRON CITY Festival from any claims of injury or damages resulting from my participation
in this event. I further understand there are no refunds in the event of rain.

By signing below, I agree the application a commitment to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the IRON CITY FESTIVAL Committee.

SIGNED: ___________________________________________________ DATE: _____________________________
Blacksburg Business Association PO Box 67 Blacksburg, SC 29702 864-839-4663 or 864-839-2400 ="left">